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How we helped Beth

Beth* was referred to our Money Advice and Benefits team in October 2022. We worked with her to help her address her money concerns and the debts she was struggling to pay back. 

Beth is a hoarder and was also working with her VIVID Neighbourhood Officer and our Tenancy Sustainment team, as well as social services to help address this issue. 
The Money Advice and Benefits team reviewed the benefits Beth was claiming and what she was entitled to. They established that her Personal Independence Payment (PIP) had stopped and her Employment and Support Allowance had reduced, which had a big impact on her weekly income. Beth wasn’t sure who she owed debt to. 

What we did 

  •  We found out who she owed debt to by sourcing credit reports, and asked them to put a temporary hold on the account 
  • We helped Beth to make a new PIP claim. Unfortunately, her claim was denied. We raised some queries about her old claim and submitted a tribunal appeal request
  • The Department for Work and Pensions subsequently offered to award Beth benefits, which were backdated to the May
  • This meant she received a weekly PIP payment as well as £3,800 in back payments, which she used to clear her debt
  • When reviewing what she was entitled to, we applied for Severe Disability Premium which means she’ll likely receive another £3,6000 in arrears. She’ll also receive Cost of Living payments for £300
  • In total, Beth’s weekly income has increased by £171.40 and she’s received arrear payments totalling £7,600.

What difference did this make? 

Beth is now considerably better off each week and has paid of her debts. This has helped reduce her anxiety and worry. And she can use the benefit back payments to pay for a home clearance and for carers, to help her with her hoarding issue and to help her sustain her tenancy and stay happy in her home. 


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*Name changed for privacy reasons