How we're performing

Sharing how we're performing against the things that matter most to you.

Being transparent about how we’re doing

As an open and honest organisation, we want you to know how well we’re performing against our service standards. Sharing regular performance updates makes sure that you have visibility on how we’re performing on the things that matter most to you.

Our current focus is to ensure all services consistently achieve a minimum satisfaction level of 7 out of 10, with ambitions to improve on these year on year. We will review our targets each year, making sure these continue to aim to deliver the best standard of service for our customers.

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How we're performing against our service standards:

Over the past 3 months (January - March 2022), we've handled:


Customer contacts into our Customer Experience team


Repairs in your home


Repairs in our communal areas


Anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases per 1,000 homes


Support cases into our Tenancy Support team


Complaints per 1,000 homes

How we performed over the past 3 months (January - March 2022):

Find out how we monitor customer satisfaction, using our transactional surveys, in the drop down below.

0.0 /10

Satisfaction with repairs in your home

Target is 8.9/10
Last time: 8.8/10

0.0 %

Of emergency repairs were completed within 24 hours

Target is 99%
Last time: 98.9%

0.0 %

Compliance with our health and safety obligations (gas safety, electrical safety, fire safety, asbestos, water safety and lift safety)

Target is 100%
Last time: 99.9%

0.0 /10

Satisfaction with your experience of contacting our Customer Experience team

Target is 8.9/10
Last time: 8.8/10

0.0 /10

Satisfaction with the way we handled your complaints

Target is 6/10
Last time: 5.3/10

0.0 %

Of complaints resolved in target

Target is 95%
Last time: 88.2%

0.0 /10

Satisfaction with our handling of anti-social behaviour (ASB) cases

Target is 7/10
Last time: 6.3/10

£ 0.0 m

Worth of benefits and grants claimed back for customers

Target is £1.25 million
Last time: £1.27m


Customers supported back into work

Target is 50
Last time: 127

Our approach to gathering a range of customer feedback includes running both transactional and perception surveys.  This helps us to know what matters most to you and improving what we do. 

Transactional surveys

You may receive a text or an email from us asking how we did after you’ve had an interaction with us, such as having a repair carried out or contacting our customer experience team.  These are our transactional surveys and the measures that we report on every 3 months above are based on the feedback we gather from these surveys.

Perception surveys

We also work with TLF Research who carry out customer satisfaction surveys by telephone for a sample of our customers twice a year.  If you’re selected for interview they’ll ask you about things like your overall experience with us, how you rate our different services, and how you think we could improve.  You may not necessarily have had a recent interaction with us.  This is our perception survey and the measures we report on every 6 months are gathered from the results of this type of survey.

‘Putting things right’ Standard

Satisfaction with our complaint handling has increased, which indicates that the measures we’ve put in place are delivering better outcomes for customers.

Response times remain a key area of focus for us as we’ve seen a dip in our performance. Our dedicated complaint handling team have weekly meetings to support our staff with reaching resolutions with customers within timescales.

Neighbourhood standard

Satisfaction with anti-social behaviour (ASB) case handling has improved again but is still under our target. Tighter case management is in place to ensure action plans with customers are being reviewed and discussed.

‘Safety’ Standard

We’ve had one instance where we’ve been unable to complete a gas safety check due to the vulnerability of the customer – this case is progressing with the support of other agencies.

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