About us

Hello, we’re VIVID. We’re a leading provider of affordable homes and housing-related services in the south of England.

More homes, bright futures

Having a place to call home, a place to suit our needs and circumstances, is vital to everyone’s wellbeing and chances in life. So it’s really important that your home is right for you. That it’s somewhere which gives you the security and environment to achieve what you want to.

Building and providing homes and helping to look after them is only part of what we do. From the moment you move into your home, we can help you stay on track. And when life brings its challenges to you we can offer you advice and support.

Whether you're struggling with money problems, or even need some pointers on how to use your computer or get back into employment, we have some great people to talk to. And if they can’t help, we can refer you to someone who can.


About us – in numbers

Here are some quick facts and figures:

72 k

We provide homes, services and support to 72,000 customers

33 k

We have 33,000 homes in the south of England spanning Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and expanding into West Sussex

17 k

We’re planning to build 17,000 homes by 2030

Row of new homes

More homes

We’re determined to give as many people as possible the greatest chance of having a place to call home and over the next 10 years we plan to build at least 17,000 new homes, including thousands of social homes. We’re building on a wide range of new housing sites throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex, so that we can meet local needs and aspirations. We offer a choice of housing types which includes: social and affordable rent, shared ownership, market sale and market rent. Our plan is to reinvest the funds we make from both market sale and market rent, to build more homes for social and affordable rent.

Our developments

Bright futures

Building good quality affordable homes is only part of what we do. Our work to provide bright futures will see us invest in the wellbeing of our customers, staff and society.

As a people business, we know what we do makes a real difference to people’s lives. So, we aim to provide the right homes and services in the right places by investing in ground-breaking research on our customers.


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