Information for contractors and suppliers

Doing business with us the right way. And working with us to create more homes and bright futures

We’re deeply committed to building more affordable homes

It’ll help us reduce the desperate shortage in our region and tackle the challenge of rising homelessness.

To help us do this, we make sure our contractors and suppliers give us good value for money, have high standards and do a great job.


Here are some other things you should know

  • We’re committed to fairness and transparency in all of our dealings with suppliers

  • If you want to work with us, you can use our housing procurement website to look for opportunities

  • Housing procurement helps housebuilders and suppliers work together, share information about contracts and tender opportunities. It’s great for finding contracts you can bid for

  • As part of our Prevention of Financial Crime Policy (PDF, 235kb), we have a number of controls in place to minimise the potential for tax evasion and other fraudulent activities, which include:
    o    in depth checks on our suppliers
    o    anti-bribery, fraud and money laundering policy and related documents
    o    robust financial processes.


How we pay for our house building plans

  • We fund just over half of our house building costs (54%) through the profit we make by running our business well, being sensible with our money and creative with our ideas

  • The rest of the money we need comes through a combination of grants and private finance (from loans and bond finance)

  • Grants come mostly from central government through Homes England, but sometimes they come from local councils too

  • We’re transparent about our suppliers and our quarterly spend on our development programme is shown in the links below.

Our housebuilding expenditure








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