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We put our customers and communities at the heart of what we do, we listen to your feedback to shape services and support your communities

Get involved, be engaged

Your views matter to us. It helps us to improve the way we design and deliver good quality homes and services.  We aspire to hear every customer’s voice, to listen and act upon it. We have over 1,300 involved customers who have their say on our services and provide great insight. And we have a range of different ways that you can get involved to cater to your interests, preferences and capacity.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • General consultations: Take part in short online consultations about our services.
  • Policy consultations: Provide feedback and suggestions to improve our policies. We want to ensure that we’re as clear and transparent as possible and this group is invaluable for this.
  • Focus groups: Take part in small groups online to discuss a topic in more detail.
  • Virtual forums: Join online working together opportunities, include taking part in webinar events.
  • Task and finish group: Join us for a series of sessions, to develop a specific project.  
  • Coronavirus guidance group: Join our webinars, which have been taking place monthly throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. The aim of the webinars is to provide you with an opportunity to share your views and help us test our plans and decide our next steps as we follow the latest coronavirus government guidance.
  • Procurement group: Help us to select new contractors through our application process. You’ll need to commit to a few days of volunteering, and we’ll provide training where needed.
  • Social Housing White Paper: Help us to implement the Social Housing White Paper:  A charter for social housing residents, by giving us your views through surveys and focus groups.

*If you express interest in any of the groups above there is no obligation to take part in every project. We’ll get in contact when opportunities arise to see if you’d like to get involved in that specific project.

  • Neighbourhood volunteer: Our volunteers act as a extra pair of eyes and ears in our communities, looking out for communal repairs, ground maintenance issues and fly tipping. They work closely with our Neighbourhood Officers and meet them quarterly for walkabouts in their local block, estate or road. 
  • Resident groups: Residents meet quarterly to discuss communal issues to help improve their community. These groups provide a great opportunity for residents to work together, and to work with us. Improvements can range from organising social events to applying for extra funding for community development. 
  • Fire and building safety: We’ll be circulating information soon about how you can get involved in our fire and building safety groups for those living in tall buildings.
  • VIVID Impact scrutiny panel member: VIVID Impact, our resident panel, takes an independent view of VIVID’s performance to ensure customers’ voices are listened to. The panel monitors the implementation of our Customer Engagement and Involvement Strategy. The Panel meets each month and we currently have 9 panel members. Please register your interest and we’ll be in touch when our next volunteer recruitment process opens.
  • Customer Services Committee: This committee is made up of 3 customers, board members and Heads of Service. Their role is to oversee the effectiveness of the service performance and related standards. Please register your interest and we’ll be in touch when our next volunteer recruitment process opens.
  • VIVID Plus Board member: This board oversees our investment in communities and customers. Customer representation is critical to ensuring we make investment decisions which make the most difference.

Why get involved?

Our involvement opportunities help us get our services right for you, our customers, but they’re also a chance for you to develop your skills too. We can offer training and can assist with digital devices, travel or childcare expenses.  We also get together annually (coronavirus-permitting) to hear more from you and to celebrate the difference you make.

Get involved

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Neighbourhood volunteers are residents/customers who complete regular walkabouts with the Neighbourhood Officer. They identify and report communal repairs, fly tipping and grounds maintenance.
Customers can form a group supported by VIVID. They'd meet quarterly to discuss communal issues and identify ways to improve the neighbourhood community.
VIVID Impact, our resident panel, takes an independent view of VIVID’s performance to ensure customers’ voices are heard, listened to and acted upon.
Sometimes we like to involve customers on specific service areas. Please select any topics which are of interest to you: 
If there are any other ways you'd like to give your voice or get involved which aren't listed here, please tell us more.

If you have any questions about getting involved, please contact or phone 0800 652 0898.

I got involved because I wanted to make a difference. For too often I heard people complaining and not doing anything about it (I know, I was one of them). The opportunity arose and I applied and here I am. If you have something to say, then, let’s hear it, but also let’s do something about it together. I am passionate about people having their say and I want you to be too.

Get Involved!

Ian and Craig from VIVID Impact talk about making a difference

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