Homes for older people

If you find living at home a bit of a struggle, our sheltered and extra care homes could be just right for you if you're over 55

Sheltered and extra care homes

As a lot of us get older, we might find it easier living in a more suitable home. So, you might prefer to live in one of our over 55s homes.

They provide the freedom and confidence to live independently, knowing that you and your home are secure.


We offer two types – sheltered housing and extra care

Sheltered housing

  • Usually sheltered apartments
  • Great for people who want to live independently
  • But have the extra security of a 24-hours alarm service for emergencies
  • The times they visit you can be flexible, to fit around you and your plans


Extra care 

  • Usually self-contained apartments
  • Perfect for older people who need that extra bit of care
  • The care service is provided by care providers commissioned by Hampshire County Council


How to apply

You'll need to register on your local council’s housing register.

Find your local council on the website

Once you've registered

They’ll give you a number of points (depending on your situation). Using your points, you can then bid on any of our over 55s homes.

Think it's for you?

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