Before viewing a home

The form and budget calculator you need to fill in when you receive your offer letter

There's a few things we need to know

It’s really important you fill in the budget calculator and the form below within 2 days of being offered a property. This is so we can make sure the home you’re being offered is right for you.

Budget calculator

What's the address of the property you've been offered?
About you - this will be the first person on the tenancy
Who's your emergency contact?
Do you have an appointee or someone you want us to talk to about your new home?
Staying in contact
Who else will be living with you, that won't be on the tenancy? (make sure you add every person, even children)
Is anyone pregnant in the household?
Do you have any pets?
Where do you live now?
Where have you lived before?
Where's the second tenant lived before?
Property ownership
Do you or anyone who lives with you work?
Other income savings
What you need to bring to the viewing