Market rent

Same rent as private landlords in Hampshire and Surrey but with customer service guaranteed

Renting from us at market levels

We offer competitive prices, high-quality homes and a top-quality, highly-ethical and professional landlord service. Most of our rented homes are let at lower rents to people on lower incomes.

But we also have homes in Hampshire and Surrey which we rent out to people with a steady job at standard, market rent for around six to 12 months.

Not all private landlords are as ethical as they should be. But with us, your deposit is protected (which means you’re in no doubt you’ll get it back when you leave) and you get peace of mind that you’ll be given proper notice before you need to leave.

With us, it doesn’t matter how much you earn, as long as you’re working and we’re sure you can afford the rent.


How to find out what’s available

  • Instead of waiting on the housing list, you could rent a home directly from us
  • Find out what homes we have available in your area
  • When you find something you like, make a note of the address. You’ll need this when you come to apply
  • Find out what’s available

Want to apply?

When you've found a home you want to rent from us, fill in this form and we'll be in touch.