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Housing Perks app offers great discounts for customers

We’ve now launched the Housing Perks app for our customers through VIVID Plus, our charitable arm.

Housing Perks is a free to use app for VIVID customers, offering discounts at over 100 supermarkets, high street shops and online. Discounts of up to 20% are available at ASDA, B&M, Sainsburys, Morrisons, Primark, Argos, TK Maxx and more!

You can download the app here or by searching “Housing Perks” on the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. You’ll just need to have your unique tenancy reference number to hand. You can find this number at the top of any letters we send you or in the profile section of your online account.

This video provides details on how the app works, and FAQs can be found below.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

No, the app can be downloaded by VIVID customers for free. There is no fee for usage and you can use the app if you're in arrears. You only pay for the vouchers that you buy to spend with your chosen shop(s).

There is no minimum amount that you need to spend.

If you’re at a shop and your bill comes to £9.50, you can:

  • purchase a £10 voucher and keep using it until it’s empty
  • purchase a £9 voucher and pay the remaining 50p with card, cash or any other payment method

No, it's available for any of our current VIVID customers that hold a tenancy or lease.

Along with our tenancy support team that’s in place to help our customers through challenging times, we’re keen to support our customers with the cost of living. We want our customers to feel appreciated, included and valued. Through VIVID Plus, our charitable arm, we have been able to provide this FREE discount app to our customers.

There are 22 social landlords that have joined Housing Perks across the UK.

As part of ensuring that Housing Perks makes a positive difference for customers, we're able to see the total amount spent by all customers, as a whole, in different shops. We can’t see the spending of any individual or household.

In order to access the discounts available through Housing Perks, you’ll need to enter your unique tenancy reference number. This is the only information Housing Perks processes. You can find this number at the top of any letters we send you or in the profile section of your online account. You don’t need to share your name or address.

To buy vouchers you’ll need to enter payment details unless you use Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

You aren't able to do this via the app, however, we’re really keen for all our customers to use their online account – you can find out more about how to set your online account up on our website.

By using your online account now you can view your rent account balance, chat with us about ongoing cases you may have and communicate with us via chatbot. You’ll soon be able to raise your own repairs, upload documents relating to your tenancy.

Discounted vouchers can be printed off. If you know someone who knows how to use a smart phone they can always purchase and print off vouchers for you. We’re hoping that our frequently asked questions will help cover anything you’re stuck with.

You can also contact the Housing Perks team direct by emailing them at support@yourhousngperks.com from 9am to 5pm, 7 days a week.

Need more support?

VIVID Plus, our charitable arm, invests in a wide range of services to provide people with tailored support for things like money and benefits, employment, and training.

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