What are my options?

Looking for a home in Hampshire or Surrey? We might just have what you’re looking for

Finding the right home for you

We’ve got around 30,000 homes across Hampshire and parts of Surrey - and we’re still building more. So if you’re looking to live in this area, we could have a home that’s just right for you.

We’ve got a wide range – from comfortable family houses to modern apartments, through to specially-adapted buildings and extra care homes for older people.

Finding the right home is a challenge for many of us but it’s a challenge we love to help people with. And – because we’re both home builders and landlords – we can often help where other people can’t.

  • We have homes for people to buy and to rent

  • We have homes for people on low incomes and receiving help paying their bills and for people on medium and higher salaries

  • We have homes that are specially designed for people with disabilities or age-related issues

  • We have homes for people who want to buy them outright or people who initially want to buy a share, and hope to buy more in the future

Our teams have expertise in lots of different types of homes and different kinds of requirements.

Whatever you need or can afford, we can provide you and your family with a home.


Start looking at your options

Buy a home

Buy a home with us (including Share Ownership)

Rent a home

Rent a home from us (we’ve got lots of different options)

Over 55s homes

Sheltered and extra care homes for older people

Looking for somewhere buy?

Buying part of your home and renting the rest is a great way to get on the property ladder especially if you’re finding it hard to save a deposit. Take a look at what we have available.