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Fencing repairs

Over the last 12-18 months there has been an unprecedented increase in demand for fencing repairs.  In order to make sure we manage these repair requests and get repairs done as quickly and effectively as possible, we have reviewed our process.  If you have an open fencing repair or are reporting a new fencing repair the following steps will be implemented.

If you’ve already got an open fencing repair, we may be in touch to request more information about the works that are needed before we can arrange the repairs. We might ask for photos or arrange a video call with you to understand this.

If you are reporting a new fencing repair, we won’t raise the job until we’ve checked who is responsible for the repair (we check tenancy agreements and land registry documents). We will also ask you to describe exactly which boundary it is and ask you to provide photos if you can.

For all fencing repairs, in line with our repair’s policy, full runs of fencing or boundary lines between properties will be replaced with chain-link fencing, where we’re responsible. And if your fence needs more than two panels replacing, we will refer this work to our planned works team to be completed between April 2024 and March 2025. 

Before we are due to arrive to complete any repairs, please could you ensure that the area involved is clear from plants, brambles etc and that we can safely work in the area. If it’s not safe for us to work or we can’t access the area, we will have to cancel the work and you will have to re-arrange it.

With any repair requests, our priority is to make sure we get work planned and resolved as quickly as possible. We hope this amended process will help this.