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Beware of disrepair claims companies

We’re seeing a rise in the number of customers being contacted by companies offering a ‘no win no fee’ service for a housing disrepair. These companies get in touch with customers about making a claim against us for a disrepair, but often exploit the system. These organisations are not connected to us in anyway and are rarely there to benefit you. If the case is won, the often the money they take as fees can be very high. 

If you do have a repair issue with us, we urge you to go through our feedback channels to try and resolve it. We always aim to sort out complaints quickly, so if you’re unhappy with a part of our repairs service, please visit our feedback page or get in touch. You may also wish to seek independent advice from a trusted source, such as your local Citizen’s Advice Buerau.  

We’ve heard that some of these companies can put a lot of pressure on people to sign up and if they change their mind later are threatened with legal action. If you are feeling this at all please get in touch with us or if you would prefer, trading standards at your local authority.  

If you do decide to make a claim with a disrepair company, it’s worth noting that: 

  • There may be hidden costs and you may be charged a fee if you change your mind 

  • It'll be a lengthy process  

  • Defending disrepair cases is extremely costly for us and money spent on these claims takes away from funding in other areas.  

  • We'll always defend any claim rigorously where we feel it is unjustified.  

  • Before we engage with any claim for disrepair, we ask that our complaints process has been followed and exhausted.  

  • They may advise you don’t allow us access to complete repairs leading you to believe you’ll get more money.  This isn’t true as the court will see our access attempts. So refusing access mean you’ll end up living with the outstanding repairs for longer.  

Not sure who's at your door? 

  • All our employees and contractors carry ID badges – make sure you ask to see it 

  • If you’re not sure, always contact us to verify the person’s identity – it’s better to be safe! And don’t give out any personal details or allow access to your home until you’re sure. 

Had a phone call? 

Some of these companies are ringing or emailing our customers. If you are not sure if a caller is really from VIVID, please do call us back on 0800 652 0898 to check or drop us an email.