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We’re supporting local food pantries

We’ve provided funding and support to several local food pantries through VIVID Plus, as part of our aim to provide access to initiatives that help to reduce food and fuel poverty.

What’s a food pantry?

  • They provide access to healthy food at a lower cost than supermarkets and shops
  • Often for a weekly membership of £5, local residents can gain access to £15-£25 worth of fresh food, including fruit, vegetables and meat, with a choice of items. Some pantries offer access to toiletries too
  • Pantries have a second aim of tackling food waste, using partners such as FareShare which ensures food surplus from supermarkets and businesses are redistributed as well as linking up with community gardens
  • Some also provide wraparound support service and social interaction if you’re isolated

So far VIVID plus has supported 7 food pantries, one of which is at Park Community School, Havant, which has over 860 members. We've supported this project by funding cooking classes linking up with the school chef and well as offering digital support sessions in their digital suite.

Who are pantries for?

Anyone can access their local community pantry - you just need to sign up to become a member. The membership process is managed through each pantry directly.

Finding a pantry near to you

Here are links to different networks of pantries. Just type in your postcode to find one near you and have a look at the time and dates they’re open and drop by (please note that some pantries do have a waiting list):

Top tip: Want to do more to tackle food waste?

Have you tried the app ‘too good to go’? This lists unsold food in businesses near to you, where you can buy food much cheaper at the end of day.