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How we helped a customer get back into work

Our employment and training officers

Charlotte, one of our employment and training officers, has been working with a single mother over the last year to find a part-time job. The customer had taken a career break for a couple of years due to family reasons and was now keen to get back into employment.  

Charlotte worked with the customer to boost their confidence, find volunteering opportunities and write a CV. Together, they secured a voluntary role at a local community centre and started applying for part-time jobs.  

After applying for various jobs, they were invited to interview for an administrator role at the local council. Charlotte helped them prepare, practicing with mock interviews, going through possible questions and teaching interview techniques. After attending the interview, which went really well, they were offered the role, which we couldn’t have been more pleased about the outcome.  

Our customer has now started their new job working in the administration department. Speaking about their new job, they said the role has given them some financial security and has had a positive impact on their mental health. And our support doesn’t end there, we offer an In Work Support Service so will be checking in now and then to see how things are and always be on hand to offer any guidance or just a really well done.  

If you feel that you or someone in your household would benefit from our tenancy support services, or if you’re looking for some help or advice, please  get in touch.