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As you can see, we’re making a real difference with the work we’re doing in our local area

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Find your local food pantry

Food pantries provide access to fresh food at a lower cost than supermarkets and shops. Unlike a food bank, no referral is required, meaning anyone can become a member and make use of the service.

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Helping our customers get back into work

Find out how Juergen, one of our Employment and Training Officers, supported Beryl, a VIVID customer, to get back into work.

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Robin’s story

Find out how our money advice and benefits team recently supported one of our customers.

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VIVID Plus: Helping our communities to thrive

Around two and a half years ago, VIVID’s community response to the Covid-19 pandemic was in full swing. We’d received amazing feedback and we wanted to make it a permanent initiative. And so, VIVID Plus was born.

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Helping to rejuvenate Basingstoke's green spaces

Through our charitable arm, VIVID Plus, we're supporting a community project to rejuvenate Basingstoke's neglected green spaces.

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VIVID Plus supporting Hilsea residents with cost of living and children’s dental care.

VIVID Plus place shaping team worked to organise an event to support local customers with their children’s dental care and offer guidance on ways to reduce bills.

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