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Customer feedback: You said, we did

You said, we did

We always want to hear where you think we can improve, to provide an even better experience for you. If you’re asked to take part in a customer survey, we want you to know that you’re listened to, and that we’ll update our services where we can. 

We’re pleased to say that in our customer satisfaction surveys most of you tell us our staff are polite and professional, and that we provide you with a home that is safe and secure. Many of you have told us that we treat you fairly and with respect, and we keep you informed about things that matter to you. 

You have told us about some challenges, too.


  • You said – it can be difficult to get hold of us

To help make it easier, we’re increasing the size of our Customer Experience team. We have a number of new advisors who have joined the team who are already trained and responding to customer contacts.  As a result, we are starting to see the contact wait times reduce making it easier for you to get your issues resolved.  We’ve also trained new specialists in income and neighbourhoods issues. We hope this will help to resolve your queries quicker. 

We’ll be continuing with our recruitment until we are at full capacity, so hope to see further improvements in the coming months.


  • You said – repair wait times need to improve

We’re recruiting 20 new trades staff to help bring down the wait time for your repairs. Some of these new trades staff have already completed their training and are now out and about getting routine repairs completed. Further recruitment is ongoing until we reach full capacity. Over the next three months we hope to start seeing shorter wait times for routine repairs.


  • You said – the way we handle complaints could be better

A new Customer Success team is now in place and handling all repair complaints. They shortly be handling complaints across other areas too. We hope the new team will help us to get things back on track quicker when things go wrong. They work alongside our repairs team to find the solutions needed to put things right. Feedback from customers is already much more positive.


We really value your feedback to help us improve our services. If you receive a telephone call from TLF Research, who do our surveys for us, please do take part!

We’re changing the way we measure performance

As of April 2023, all housing associations are required to collect information from tenants on how satisfied they are with their landlord. The questions consist of a set of 12 ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ (TSMs) covering:

  • Repairs
  • Building Safety
  • Complaint Handling
  • Tenant Engagement 
  • Neighbourhood Management 

If you are interested in learning more about the TSMs, please click here.