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VIVID Plus: Helping our customers manage their finances

We know life can be challenging at times. That’s why we’re here to help you with things such as maintaining your tenancy or providing support with money advice and benefits.

Here’s an example of how our Money Advice and Benefits team recently turned a customer’s debt worries around…

Audrey* has both physical and psychological health conditions which has impacted her ability to work, as well as caring for her disabled son. As a result, she’d been struggling to keep on top of her finances, accumulating £19,000 debt.

After being referred to our Money Advice and Benefits team, Audrey received life-changing support. We helped her apply for a Debt Relief Order, after which her debt was cleared in full. We then checked what benefits she was entitled to and she was awarded £16,000 of yearly benefit entitlements, arrears of benefits, cost of living payments and grants.

She’s also entitled to claim Council Tax Support and the Housing Costs Contribution on her Universal Credit have been removed, receiving arrears from November 2021 that equate to over £2,000.

With our support, Audrey has managed to clear her debt, and her income has increased substantially. We’re also looking into further entitlements for her, so that she can focus on managing her health conditions and looking after her son, stress-free.

If you feel that you or someone in your household would benefit from our tenancy support services, or if you’re looking for some help or advice, please contact us. Alternatively, please visit our support and advice web page for more information on how we can work with you. 

*name changed for data protection purposes

I'd like to say thank you so much for helping me do this. I wanted to give up so many times like I did with the debt. I can't thank you enough.