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Useful energy and water saving tips

We know that energy and water are two of the most expensive bills at the moment, and making some small changes to the way you use your energy can have a big impact on bills.

We’ve put together some useful tips that could help save some money.


  • Draught-proofing around doors and windows is a cheap way of making your home warmer. You can find products at your local DIY store, or for a fraction of the cost you can use dry rice in a pair of tights to cover any gaps at the bottom of doors
  • Radiator reflectors behind your radiators can help keep more of the heat coming into the room
  • Use a cooler wash setting to do your laundry - washing at 30 degrees can save as much as 40% compared to washing at higher temperatures
  • Unplug or switch off devices at the wall around the home
  • Set the hot water and the heating to come on only at times when you really need them, rather than having them on all the time
  • Turning your room thermostat down by just one degree could save around £65 a year
  • Speak to your water supplier to see if they offer free water saving kits
  • Turn taps off when you’re not using them, for example when brushing your teeth or washing the dishes
  • Remember to check your toilet for leaks. Leaky loos can happen without you knowing and can easily waste up to 400 litres of drinking water every day. You can find out if you have a leaky loo by trying these simple steps:
    • Wait 15 minutes after the last toilet flush, then dry the back of the toilet pan with toilet tissue. Place a dry sheet of toilet tissue at the back of the pan
    • Wash your hands and leave for three hours, if possible, without using the toilet. When you return, check the condition of the tissue
    • If the toilet tissue stays dry – good news, you don’t have a leak
    • If the toilet tissue is a little crooked or wet – you may have a small leak. Use this process regularly to check that it is not getting any worse (and costing you more money)
    • If the toilet tissue has broken up and has moved in the water below – you have a significant leak and will need to get this fixed by a plumber


If you notice any water leaks around your home, let us know immediately so that we can get it fixed quicker. Contact us.