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Developing talent and creating opportunities

Apprentice programme has grown from strength to strength

VIVID’s apprentice programme has grown from strength to strength over the past year, the apprentices have thrived and having the opportunity to see them develop and discover what career path is right for them is a privilege.

Continuing to create ‘home grown’ talent remains a focus and widen the breadth of choice across the business, from trades to governance and everything in between.  This helps to make the organisation become even stronger. Across VIVID our customers are at the forefront of everything we do, supporting them in their homes and every part of the business influences this.

VIVID’s growing apprenticeship programme focuses on two types; one for upskilling and developing current staff, and the other for recruiting local people to learn on the job. The scheme spans across all areas of the business from trades to governance.  

Currently there are 32 apprentices, and this is growing as an additional 12 start in a few short weeks.  The increase is a result of the housing association’s commitment and drive to becoming a ‘learning organisation’.  We are looking forward to welcoming to the business and see how they grow and develop.

Our current cohort are a mix across the business from HR, governance, finance, electrical and carpentry and plumbing. 

Taya Fitzgerald, finance assistant apprentice says, “Since starting it’s really developed my knowledge within my own role, alongside the company on a wider spectrum. I’m working towards a Level 2 qualification as an Accounts/Finance Assistant (AAT), which will allow me to progress further in my career. I just passed my first exam two weeks ago!”

“The portfolio side of the apprenticeship allows me to broaden my knowledge of VIVID and other’s roles; for example, I am shadowing Repairs Admin one day a week.”

Joshua Childs, electrical apprentice and new to VIVID says, “I have just finished up my two weeks of working at VIVID as an apprentice electrician and it's going great! I have met some amazing and knowledgeable people working in the trade and I can't wait to meet more. It has really opened my eyes in how diverse the trade is.”

Apprenticeships offer so much, from gaining hands-on experience, gain industry-recognised qualifications at the same time but also get a real feel for the role, the business and insight into where your future path may lead you.  Having that knowledge and choice makes all the difference.

VIVID will continue to open more apprentice opportunities across the business and would encourage those interested to register for upcoming job alerts.

Opening up apprentice opportunities is a great way to offer a broader access to the business and gaining invaluable insight, training and support. I am looking forward to seeing the current apprentices develop and grow and welcoming the new cohort to VIVID, says Duncan Short, Group Resources Director