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Meet your VIVID Impact panel

At VIVID, we want our services to be the best they can be and meets the needs of our customers. To do this, we ensure that customers are consulted and involved in everything we do.

VIVID Impact, our resident panel, takes an independent view of our performance to ensure customers’ voices are heard and acted upon.

They consider a range of information including performance information relating to our key services and decide on which business area to scrutinise. This may involve them meeting staff, contacting you, researching peers in housing and other sectors and making recommendations on how we can improve our services.

VIVID Impact is made up of a diverse range of customers, varying in age, experience and where they live. The panel meets each month and currently has 12 members.

We recently spoke with Mark, our new VIVID Impact Vice Chair to speak about the panel and why they joined.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I had a fairly senior corporate management career, then went into freelance management consultancy working with big companies and banks. Had my own houses in the past but sometimes life goes in a different path.

How long have you been a VIVID customer?

I got a tenancy with VIVID about 5 years ago. My interactions with VIVID on the whole, not 100% perfect, have been brilliant.

Why did you join VIVID Impact?

I can’t afford to get bored, it’s not a good thing for me. I engaged with VIVID on a couple things and then VIVID approached me and asked if I would consider getting involved in VIVID Impact. I thought that sounded right for me. This was a way for me to use my skills a little bit. I’ve been to a number of meetings, and I’m pleased I am now the Vice Chair.

What areas are you most interested in?

I want to come in and look at some of VIVID’s procedures and organisation charts, the stuff I’d usually do if I was doing consultancy. I want to see what’s what, what’s working, how it fits together. I want to talk to people in their roles. There’s not an area of the business that I would not want to get involved in.

What difference do you think VIVID Impact makes?

I was sceptical that it would just be a talking shop. A tick box for customer involvement. I don’t believe that’s the case, and I’m keen to ensure that also.