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VIVID Plus continues to support Basingstoke foodbank

VIVID Plus continues to support Basingstoke foodbank

Foodbanks and the service they provide is more important than ever before, they offer more than emergency food and essentials, they offer compassion, someone to listen but above all they ensure that you keep your dignity.  Knowing that there are volunteers who are friendly and welcoming make that experience so much easier.

Foodbanks are in such demand and are needed than ever before, VIVID Plus are glad to be able to continue to support the Basingstoke Foodbank by extending their lease for a further 5 years.

“The generous leasing subsidy from VIVID Plus is a massive help to Basingstoke Foodbank.  The money it will save the Foodbank can be invested in further improving the services we offer to some of the most vulnerable residents in the town” said Phil Thomas, Chair of Trustees

Derek Streek, Head of Communities, Standards and Partnerships at VIVID Plus said “We are pleased to be able to continue our relationship with Basingstoke Foodbank and know how vital the work they do is”.

Having a continued base to work from will ensure customers like these can continue to receive the help they need.

“Thank you so much for sending me the wonderful food and supplies.  I was amazed at how much thought had gone into this and will be forever grateful.  You are amazing”

Foodbanks like Basingstoke are also able to help with more than food parcels, they can provide signposting for services. 

I don’t know what I would have done without Basingstoke Foodbank.  The thought of not being able to provide for my children is unbearable.