Changing the batteries on your wireless thermostat

Watch our short video for helpful advice on how to change the batteries on your wireless thermostat

Read the transcript for the 'changing the batteries on your wireless thermostat' video (PDF 81kb)

Key points


  • If you find yourself without heating but you still have hot water, it could mean that the batteries are faulty within your thermostat.
  • If your receiver unit has a constant flashing red light and there’s a battery symbol showing on your thermostat, your batteries need replacing.
  • You’ll need 2xAA’s.
  • To replace the batteries, remove the battery compartment by pinching the tabs, this will withdraw the battery tray downwards. Replace the old batteries with the new, ensuring you place them in correctly! Then replace the battery compartment.
  • Now the batteries have been replaced the red flashing light should have gone and you’re heating will come back on.
  • If not, give us a call and we’ll send an engineer out to your home to have a look!