Helpful videos

To help fix issues around your home

Watch our ‘How to’ videos to help you fix common issues around your home

We're responsible for most repairs in your home, but there are a few repairs that you can carry out to save time waiting for our Repairs team to come out.  Our step-by-step videos will talk you through the basic repairs around the home, making it easy for you to change a toilet seat, isolate a leak and change the batteries in your thermosat!

You can find out what repairs we're responsible for, and what repairs you're responsible for in our repairs guide. And if you still need to do so, you can easily report a repair to us.

Videos for new-build homes

Living in or moving to a new-build home? We've put together some short videos to help you settle in. They give advice about the mechanical and electrical items in your new home, what to do if you think you've spotted a defect, and look at the “drying out” process

Here's our video gallery