Repairs to my home

Who’s responsible for what?

What to do about weather damage

Here's our helpful guide

To help make it clear which repairs in your home we look after, and which are your responsibility, we’ve produced this guide. This page also gives you helpful information about the repairs process and timings. 

Being nice and clear on responsibilities means you can stay in control of some of the repairs to your home. It also enables us to fix the issues we’re responsible for quickly and get them right first time.

The type of tenancy you have will affect who's responsible for what. If you're not sure what type you have, check your tenancy agreement or lease. This paperwork will give you full details on repairs responsibilities.

Shared ownership and leaseholder homes

If you live in a shared ownership or leasehold home, you’re responsible for all repairs apart from defects and communal areas. Defects are repairs needed when a new home is first built. The defect period usually runs for 1 year after a home is completed, then repairs are your responsibility. Repairs to shared areas include things like the front door into a block of flats and hallways.    

Rented homes

If you live in a rented home, we look after some things and you're responsible for others; there's a list below. You’re also responsible for fixing things that are starting to break so they don’t get worse. And if a guest or someone in your family damages something, it’s up to you to fix it. 

If something that we look after needs to be repaired, please tell us as soon as you notice it. That way we can fix it as quickly as possible. We’ll try  to replace items like-for-like, if we can’t do this we’ll find the closest possible match. 

These are the things you need to look after

Things on the outside

  • Change the locks if they get damaged, or if the keys are lost or stolen
  • Look after any satellite dishes and aerials that weren’t put up by us
  • Replace the glass of any smashed or cracked windows 
  • Repair and look after boundary walls, fences and hedges you share with other customers
  • Cut the grass and look after your garden, flowerbeds and shrubs
  • Cut back any overgrown trees, shrubs and hedges in your garden.  Please ask us for permission first
  • Keep your shed in a good condition  
  • Fix any doors or windows that are damaged if the police raid your home.


Things on the inside

  • Unblock drains, toilets and sinks. Please don’t put fats, oils, nappies or sanitary products in sinks or down the toilet as they cause blockages 
  • Keep your home in a good and clean condition
  • Keep your home well decorated
  • Fix minor plaster damage to walls and ceilings, like small cracks
  • Replace plugs and chains to sinks, basins, baths, toilet seats and shower fittings
  • Replace broken or damaged light bulbs. Test and replace the batteries in any battery-operated smoke alarms.


Things on the inside or outside

  • Please ask us for permission if you want to make any changes to your home e.g. handrails
  • Look after anything you took responsibility for when you moved in. This could include a shed, water butt, washing lines, curtains and carpets
  • Deal with any pest problems in your home or garden.


These are the things we look after

Things on the outside

Unless you cause the damage, we’ll check, fix or replace:

  • The drains, gutters and pipes
  • Front and back door locks if they break through normal use
  • The roof, foundations and outside walls
  • Outside doors and windows
  • Chimneys, chimney stacks and flues. This includes sweeping the chimney once a year
  • Pathways, steps and other entrances into your home
  • Garages and stores that we have put in
  • Walls and fences we own in situations where the land on the other side of it isn’t ours or yours 
  • Solar panels, heat pumps and water pumps
  • Meter cupboard doors.


Things on the inside.

Unless you cause the damage, or it’s something you fitted yourself, we’ll check, fix or replace:


  • Indoor walls, floors and ceilings
  • Inside doors and door frames, skirting boards
  • The plaster on the walls. We’ll do the major work needed. We won’t fix minor cracks and marks
  • Sinks, baths, showers, toilets, taps and waste pipes
  • Electric wiring. This includes plug sockets, light fittings and switches
  • Fireplaces and fires that we've fitted
  • Central heating systems, gas and water pipes, water heaters
  • Staircases. This includes the rails, treads, risers, spindles and newel posts
  • Alarms fitted to the mains.


Things on the inside or outside

  • Block up holes and mesh vents that pests may be using to get into your home
  • Communal areas, including shared washing lines
  • Letter boxes


Appointments and priorities


All of the repairs reported to us are given a priority. Each one is assessed based on how serious it is, the potential damage it could cause and the needs of the customer.  Here's our priority categories:


  • Emergency: this should be completed within 24 hours, we usually attend within a couple of hours and certainly that day
  • Urgent: this should be completed within 7 calendar days
  • Routine: this should be completed at a time convenient to us both.




  • We’ll give you an appointment when you report a repair. Communal repairs in shared areas are different. If it’s a communal repair, you can ask to be kept up to date on the progress.
  • If you can’t make the agreed appointment, please let us know so we can give your slot to someone else.
  • Make sure the area around the repair is easy to get to and safe for us to work in. Remember to leave your loft area clear at all times.  

Need to report a repair?

There are many different ways you can tell us if something needs fixing. The best way is online where you don’t need to pick up a phone

Report a repair