Looking after my home

Everything you need to make sure your home’s safe, warm and comfortable (and in particular, the building itself)

Fire safety

How to protect yourself and stay safe if there’s a fire

Damp and mould

How you can prevent damp and mould in your home

Heating my home

Keeping your home warm (and save money doing it)

Repairs to my home

A guide to which repairs we look after and which are your responsibility

Home improvements

All you need to know about making changes to your home

Planned maintenance

How we update and make improvements to your home


Understanding when you should and shouldn’t be worried about asbestos


Want to rent a garage? We have over 3,000 garages to choose from

Your account

Find out how to pay your rent (and check how your rent account’s looking), report a repair and tell us about any important changes to your tenancy.

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