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Digital Transformation in Social Housing

Changing how the sector provides its services

Digital transformation has the power to change how the sector provides its services, improve customer experience, and streamline processes. VIVID are on this journey and over the next three years will make significant investment in Microsoft technology to achieve this.

Fiona Harris, Chief Information and Data Officer (CIDO) shares VIVID’s journey to date at the Women in Public Sector IT Strategy Forum and will also be addressing industry professionals at the sector’s annual Housing Technology Conference. She will be highlighting the challenges faced in the Social Housing Sector and how new ways of working, process change and investment in technology can make a difference to the customer experience at VIVID.

"I'm pleased to be able to bring VIVID's voice to these events, as they provide a great opportunity to talk about how we're enhancing our digital capabilities with the customer to give them more control in the way they connect with us for services.” says Fiona.

The Women in Public Sector IT Strategy Forum is a great space for female leaders to share insight into their current projects and inspire their peers.