We have over 3,000 garages in our neighbourhoods and we rent them out

Who can apply?

  • You need to be over 18 to rent a garage from us
  • If you rent a home from us, you must have a clear rent account before applying

 And keep in mind that...

  • If you're on a waiting list, you'll need to re-apply every six months. If you don't we’ll have to cancel your application
  • When we offer you a garage, if you don't get back to us within three days we’ll have to cancel your application – there’s lots waiting for one, so we’ll need to know whether you still want it
  • Once you get one, you’ll need to pay for your garage in advance each month. We think the easiest way to do that is by Direct Debit, but other options can be found on this different ways to pay page
  • You can store a vehicle in the garage
  • But we really can’t let you store any hazardous materials – it’s not safe
  • You can’t use a garage to help run a business unless we give you permission in writing
  • You mustn't obstruct any other garage users. You'll be renting the garage, not the space in front or the areas around it
  • If you change your address or phone number, you need to tell us within seven days
  • And this bit’s really important – we're not responsible for anything left in your garage after your tenancy’s end

Want to apply?

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Basingstoke - Bramley
Newbury - Kingsclere
Basingstoke - Oakridge (Norn Hill area)
Basingstoke - Oakridge (Towers area)
Basingstoke - Old Basing
Basingstoke - Popley (Abbey Road)
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Basingstoke - Popley (Shakespeare Road area)
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Basingstoke - Tadley
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