Leading VIVID

We recognise talent within our business. So we work with staff to create effective and successful leaders

We want our leaders to be:

  • Visionary – to bring our vision to life
  • Innovative – they're thought leaders in our sector and provide an environment which supports creativity and risk taking
  • High performing – our leaders are enthusiastic and positive. And work at a pace to set and deliver our ambitions, which are stretching
  • Collaborative - to build a culture where effective relationships and partnerships are the norm
  • Accountable - they take ownership and responsibility. And encourage our people to do the same
  • Skilled to help develop staff – they provide development opportunities for our people to grow and reach their potential
  • Proud – to communicate our achievements and celebrate success.

With our fully comprehensive management and leadership programmes, you’ll be trained, coached and supported in all areas of leadership. If you have the passion and the drive to progress in your career, we’ll do what we can to get you there.

  • Recruiting for success – this one day classroom course will provide you with all the knowledge, skills and tools you’ll need to recruit new staff and get it right first time
  • 1-1's the VIVID way – learn how we carry out effective 1-1's with our employees so you can make the most of them
  • Fact finding – giving you the knowledge of how to properly carry out investigations for those tricky employee relations situations
  • Honest conversations – guidance on how to have appropriate open and honest conversations, even in the most difficult situations.
  • Clarify what’s expected of you as a manager
  • Support you to understand your management style
  • Explore and develop your management behaviours
  • Provide practical tools to use in the workplace
  • Stretch you and get you to work outside your comfort zone
  • Build your network with your peers.
  • Make sure you understand our leadership behaviours
  • Support you to develop your management and leadership style
  • Develop the company culture and bring our values to life
  • Stretch you and get you to work outside your comfort zone
  • Build your network with your peers.

Becoming VIVID

Everything you need to know about our hiring process so you can prepare yourself for success

Learning VIVID

We'll make sure you’re fully supported in your role and offer a variety of training courses

Living VIVID

We offer a generous benefits package to reward our staff's hard work and ongoing commitment

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