Becoming VIVID

Everything you need to know about the hiring, onboarding and learning process so you can prepare yourself for success

Putting the right people in the right roles

We want to attract and recruit the best people, but we know that going through a hiring process can feel a bit daunting. So, here’s some information to help explain how it all works. We hope this takes away some of the anxiety that’s often part of applying for a new job, so you can give it your best shot.

Applying for a job

It’s easy. You’ll need to register for an account with us, upload your CV and complete our online application form. Here's some tips to help you stand out:


  • Check out the job description – This is attached to the job advert so you can see if the role suits you and your skills. Take a look at the person spec before applying as this lets you know what skills or experience you need
  • Remember to make sure your CV is up-to-date and relevant to the job you’re applying for - Whilst you may not have exact experience in the same role (which is absolutely fine by the way, we’re all about potential), you can highlight the most relevant skills, experience and behaviours which could be transferable. That’ll grab the hiring manager’s attention
  • Give examples of things you’ve done that are similar to what’s needed​ – This could be in your previous roles or other areas of your life e.g. voluntary work, education. We like to see how you’ve done something, rather than what you would do
  • Sell yourself - This is your chance to stand out from the crowd and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it a great one!

You’ve applied. So, what happens next?

We have to be honest. Not everyone who applies for a job will go through to the next stages. If this happens to you, it’s natural to feel disappointed. And where possible, we’ll give you feedback on why this happened. We will certainly let you know either way if you’ve been successful or not.

If your application is successful, the next stages may involve some of the following, depending on the role:

Doing a first interview over Microsoft Teams

  • We’ll arrange a video call for a chat
  • The call could take up to about 30 minutes – we’re just trying to get to know you
  • It could be followed by another interview or test.

Assessing you

  • We may ask you to complete an assessment either before you come in for an interview or on the day 
  • Again, there’s no need to worry. We’ll make sure you have all the information you need and you’ll be given plenty of notice.

 Doing a presentation 

  • Dependant on the role you’ve applied for, we could ask you to do a presentation for us – don’t worry we’re a friendly bunch and want you to do your best!
  • We may ask you to prepare something in advance. But sometimes we give people an unseen topic on the day and a short time to prepare. This shows us how well you deal with pressure, or how well you can communicate an important subject.

Face-to-face interview

  • You won’t be offered a job without coming in for what’s called a competency-based interview, with at least two people doing the interviewing
  • This is where we’ll ask questions to check you have the right behaviours and skills needed. And we’ll ask for real examples of how you’ve done the things that are important or essential for the job. To get a head start preparing for your interview, you can research ‘behavioural based interviewing’ online, we’ll send you a few tips and there's information in this careers section of our website to help you understand what matters to us
  • But remember, it’s also about if the job’s right for you, so there’ll be plenty of time for you to ask us questions as well.

Once we’ve made our decision

  • Once the interview is out of the way, we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible
  • If we want to offer you the job, we’ll give you a call to let you know the good news
  • If, this time, you’ve not been successful, then we usually let you know by e-mail
  • If you don’t get the job, we’re always happy to give feedback. Don’t let it put you off applying for other jobs with us. Set up the job alert feature on our Current vacancies page to make sure you don’t miss anything
  • If you did get the lucky call, you have a great onboarding journey ahead of you. We’ll be in touch every step of the way until your first day. Onboarding isn’t all about getting you through the door, you’ll have all the learning tools, check-in’s and support you’ll need to succeed!

Learning VIVID

For you to be VIVID, you need to learn VIVID. When you join us, we make sure you’re fully supported with an in-depth induction. This’ll help you to become more effective in your role. And it'll give you a great start to your career with us. To make sure you remain fully skilled, we offer a variety of training and coaching opportunities which are both informative and fun.

Induction – the key to learning VIVID

If you’re successful after an interview, your new manager will keep in touch so you know exactly what to expect when you join. You’ll be emailed your contract and welcome information so everything is instant and with no fuss. Once you’ve joined us, you’ll be invited to a corporate induction day. This is held at one of our offices and run by our Learning and Development team. You’ll have the chance to meet some of our Executive team, HR and other new starters. We’ll even put on a nice lunch as a welcome and a thank you for choosing us!

Two staff members in the office

Find your next job

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