Open and transparent

We’re open about how we provide our services, our actions, spending and performance

How we run our business

There's lots of information about  how we run our business throughout our website. And as we're keen to help our stakeholders understand our business, we've pulled some important bits together here. We’ll also take account of the information we’re regularly asked for when we review and update this page.

Policies and strategies

Here’s all of our main policies, strategies and statements

Regulatory judgement

See our current regulatory judgement on the government website: 27 February 2019

Code of conduct

Our code of conduct for staff and board members

Tax strategy

Here's our strategy for the year to 31 March 2021

Financial information

Find out more about our financial position and value for money performance

Meet our Board

Our Board makes sure we're always one step ahead by looking to the future. It means we’re well set up to achieve what we aim to, in a strong and decent way, and keep delivering what our customers need – ‘More homes, bright futures’.

Meet the team