VIVID Impact

Our customer scrutiny panel helps to shape our services and hold us to account.

VIVID Impact, our resident panel, takes an independent view of VIVID’s performance to ensure customers’ voices are listened to. The panel monitors the implementation of our Customer Engagement and Involvement Strategy.

The panel will scrutinise whether we have taken account of customer views in our service reviews and whether our decisions negatively impact upon specific customer groups. VIVID Impact will then make recommendations about how we can improve our involvement and engagement or reduce or mitigate any foreseen negative impacts.

The panel also conducts scrutiny reviews, taking a deeper look at our business practices and their impact upon our customers.  They also compare our practice to other housing associations and highlight areas that we can learn and improve from.

The Panel meets each month and we currently have 9 panel members but can have up to 15 members. Please register your interest and we’ll be in touch when our next volunteer recruitment process opens.

What have they been doing…

VIVID Impact has conducted a number of scrutiny reviews including:

  • Repairs
  • Resident involvement
  • Communicating with your Neighbourhood Officer
  • Communication for customers with disabilities

The recommendation from these scrutiny reviews have resulted in the way we deliver our services to customers.

Currently the panel are considering the breadth and depth of customer involvement and engagement in service reviews.

We work on challenges that we feel as customers are important and we work together to come up with solutions which is rewarding. It's not very often that you can work together with a service provider to enhance the services that are provided. It makes me feel rewarded, passionate and involved.