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Getting a little bit tired of singing happy birthday whilst you wash your hands?

To help us stay safe and healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, we all need to wash our hands regularly. And the advice from the NHS and government is to do this for at least 20 seconds - the same amount of time it takes to sing happy birthday. 

If you want a change from singing happy birthday, here's some other things you can do whilst giving your hands a really good wash.

Do a mini meditation 

  • Take a few deep breaths.  Deep, relaxing breaths can be very calming
  • Think about a few little things that you're grateful for. Noticing positive things can help you feel more optimistic.

Do some mini exercises   

  • Little bursts of exercise help you stay active 
  • Try marching on the spot or doing some squats
  • Do whatever suits your fitness level. 

Think of someone to call

  • We're all staying home more and aren't able to meet our friends and family like we're used to. Social distancing and self-isolation can be boring and worrying for some people
  • So why not use the 20 seconds to think about a friend or relative you want to reach out to? And once you've washed your hands, pick up your phone, start a conversation and put a smile on their face. 

Think of a new recipe

  • There's not quite as much choice in the shops at the moment and some people are finding it much more difficult to get to them. So use the 20 seconds to think of a healthy recipe for dinner using what's in your cupboard
  • Here's are some ideas from the BBC Good Food website

Support groups and advice

If you're self-isolating and need some help, there's a range of local community groups out there supporting people with things like delivering food, shopping or simply phoning for a chat. Find out more on our 'coronavirus local support' page

And the NHS have some great advice on looking after your health and wellbeing whilst self-isolating and social distancing: