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VIVID supports the ‘Starts at Home’ campaign

Today we’re supporting ‘Starts at Home’, a national campaign, run by the National Housing Federation, that aims to raise awareness of the importance of supported housing to provide secure homes and vital services to a range of people in communities across the country.

VIVID provides the housing management for a number of supported housing schemes across Hampshire, that provide extra support to ensure people have a safe home that meets their needs. Here’s an example of the difference that supported housing can have…

Eireann, is a resident at the Portsmouth Foyer, a supported housing scheme for 16-25 year olds. She moved into the Foyer nine months ago after she’d spent three months sleeping on a friend’s floor. VIVID provides housing management at the Foyer and the support is provided by Two Saints.

“Accommodation like the Portsmouth Foyer is so important, and it’s made a big difference to my life. Without it I’d still be sleeping on my friend’s floor or possibly homeless.

“The best things about living at the Portsmouth Foyer is the staff. My key worker is great – she’s always there to support me and to talk about what’s been going on. She helps me to improve my living and social skills for the future and encourages me to make improvements each week and build my confidence.

“There are loads of opportunities to take part in local clubs and training. I often go to the cooking sessions and have made lots of things - from pizza to a really tasty Albanian dish.  

“I’ve just completed a forensic science course at college and my key worker is helping me to think about what my next steps will be – I’d love to work in the Police in the future. We also discussing my future living arrangements and I hope to be able to move on from the Foyer shortly.”