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VIVID Impact shares findings from its scrutiny of our repairs service

Our customer scrutiny panel, VIVID Impact, has recently met with the VIVID Board to discuss its findings and recommendations following its scrutiny of ‘Repairs right first time’.


This was an opportunity for the Board to hear the views of customers directly, to explore the findings and to understand the recommendations in more detail. The Board were really impressed with the report and the recommendations. They’ve asked for updates at their future meetings to review the progress of the action plan.


Panel member, Ian, tells us how the meeting went: “We were initially introduced to board members and executives in a casual and unobtrusive way. We discussed in small groups what we’d already achieved and what we wanted to achieve moving forward. We chatted for some time explaining some of the difficulties we had encountered, and board members gave a clear indication that they supported us in our role. 


“This is the first time we had met with the new VIVID Board and I, personally, was impressed with the results of our seminar. We were invited to put our points across in a relaxed and informal atmosphere ensuring everyone was at ease. After this ‘gathering’, I’m sure we can work together to improve VIVID's performance for us residents, and also improve the VIVID Board's understanding of the problems customers face when things aren’t up to expected standards.”


Another of our VIVID Impact members, Iris, said: “It was interesting to hear the board member’s comments and answer their questions regarding the recommendations delivered by VIVID Impact. It was greatly satisfying to know our recommendations were all approved, and our efforts appreciated.” 


Interested in joining our customer panel? Find out more about VIVID Impact and how to apply here.