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Turning the tap off of Ray’s water bill

When Ray asked Lynn, one of our older persons' support workers to provide a bit of support with his benefits and bills, he didn’t realise the difference she’d make…

Lynn said: “I visited Ray to provide some support with his bills and noticed that he was paying over £80 a month for his water bill – which is extremely high. I phoned the water company to sign Ray up to the single person discount but learned that this was already applied to his bill.

“I was told that Ray's bill was high because he was in arrears. But when I asked the water company to check the arrears total, they realised he was over £2,000 in credit! Ray had continued to pay too much after he’d paid off his arrears months ago! 

“I arranged for a cheque to be sent to Ray and helped him to arrange new bill payments for the correct amount.”

Ray said: “I was shocked and so happy, and I can’t thank Lynn enough! I couldn’t believe how much money I had overpaid – I would never have realised if I hadn’t had Lynn’s support. I’d certainly encourage others to make the most of the money advice provided through VIVID, even if it’s just to give you peace of mind that you’re paying the right amount on your bills.”

You can find hints and tips for managing money on our 'money advice' page, or alternatively get in touch with our Money Advice and Benefits team for support.