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Top CV tips

A CV is your first impression on an employer, so it’s one of the most important parts of job hunting. Employers see lots of CVs and decide quickly who they’re going to interview. We’ve put together some ways to make your CV stand out.


  • List your achievements, not your duties.

It’s easy to list your job description, but what makes you stand out to an employer is what the outcome of your role was. Highlighting your achievements will make you more attractive to an employer.


  • Tailor your CV.

Employers can spot a generalised and unfocused CV, so try not to use the same CV for countless applications. Have a look at the job description and see what skills they’re looking for. And keep your experience relevant to the job you’re applying for.


  • Spellcheck!

Check for any errors such as poor spelling and grammar mistakes. It’ll make you appear more professional and well presented. Sometimes spellcheck can miss a few things so get it checked by someone you trust. A fresh pair of eyes might help you find errors that you might not have seen.


  • Make it easy to read.

Use bullet points and short sentences. Employers don’t have time to read through an essay. Keep it short and sweet! Use white space around text to help it feel uncluttered and use one font to help it appear organised.


  • Make sure it’s no longer than 2 pages long. If your CV goes far back into your work history, make sure it’s all relevant for the job that you’re applying for.


We wish you luck with your applications!