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Tidying up your finances for spring

Spring is the perfect time to tidy the areas that you never get around to – including your finances! Take a look at our helpful ‘spring-cleaning’ budget tips, to help you save a few extra pennies before summer. 

Budget banking 

  • Save before you spend - if you’re looking to put away some money for a rainy day, it’s always a good idea to save a reasonable amount of money into a separate account when you first get paid. By doing this, you won’t accidentally eat into your savings when you’re spending money on bills or having fun later on. 

  • Getting the right interest – to make the most of the money you save, compare banks and their saving account offers to find the best deal. You’re looking for something with high interest rates, and fixed-rate accounts can be a good option if you’re okay with tying up your money for a while. 

  • Don’t forget your direct debits – spring clean your monthly bank statement by going through it to check that there are no direct debits that you’ve forgotten about or just don’t use. If it isn’t worth spending money on, cancel it! 

Helping your home and your wallet 

  • Fitting the bill – price comparison websites are really helpful for finding the best deals on your bills, including energy, TV and broadband. Visit the Citizen’s Advice website for great advice on how to switch your bills to a cheaper option. 

  • Second-hand savers – Facebook Marketplace, Ebay, Gumtree and Freecycle are just some of the online options for finding great second-hand finds that have huge reductions from their original prices. Don’t forget about charity shops either!  

  • Spring clean selling – if you’re doing some spring cleaning and find items that you haven’t used for months (or forgot you even owned), why not sell them on to make some money and clear your space at the same time? The links from the last tip make great places to sell your items too.  

Our everyday penny-saving tips 

  • Clear your plate – we’re all guilty of picking up too much at the supermarket (especially when shopping on an empty stomach!) but this is a key contributor to wasting food and wasting money. If you only buy what you need and eat what you buy, you’ll save lots of money on your weekly shop. 

  • Stop smoking burning a hole in your pocket – quitting smoking is beneficial for both your health and your finances, with the average UK adult spending £1971 a year on cigarettes. Visit the NHS website to help you quit smoking. 

  • Take a walk – for shorter journeys where you don’t need to drive or use public transport, make the effort to walk instead – especially while the weather is nicer!  

If you’re struggling with your finances and need some advice, our Tenancy Support team is here to help. Please contact us to find out more.