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Supporting you with your finances

Early October marks the end of the £20 per week Universal Credit uplift and the end of the Government’s Furlough Scheme. We know these changes are likely to have a huge impact on many people and we want to remind you of the ways that we can support you if you’re worried about how this may affect your household income, are needing to claim Universal Credit for the first time, are unsure if you’re claiming the right benefits, or are just looking for some helpful advice to better manage your finances.  

Universal Credit may not be appropriate or available for everyone and claiming it can affect other benefits you receive. Therefore, it’s important that you seek some advice before applying. It may be the case that other benefits such as New Style Job Seekers Allowance, or Employment Support Allowance are more suitable for you and your circumstances. 

Our Tenancy Support Team can help you with your Universal Credit application, check you’re receiving what you’re entitled to and provide money advice and tips to help you with debt management or budgeting, so you can maximise your household income. Our Income Recovery Team are also on hand to discuss and help you manage paying your rent and they can discuss arrangements that will help you clear any outstanding debts or payments. There are also a number of other helpful organisations out there who can offer free advice on claiming Universal Credit, such as Citizens Advice who you can speak to on the phone, online over chat, or face-to-face.  

For more information on the services we provide please visit our money advice and benefits web pages and please don’t be afraid to reach out to a member of staff, whether it be one of our trade staff, your neighbourhood officer or income officer - we’re here to help you.