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Seeking volunteers to trial new innovative thermostat technology, and hopefully save money!

We're excited to offer 50 of our customers the opportunity to help us test a new and innovative thermostat and boiler technology, that could:


  • save money on your heating bills
  • heat your home only when you need it to be and make it comfortable when you want it
  • provide better information on humidity in your home
  • provide better information on the thermal performance of your home


Current trials of this technology, in other housing associations, have typically saved customers between 15-20% on their gas bill with a few residents even managing to halve their gas bills! 

We’ll install these devices for free and it should take no longer than 30 minutes to set up!

If you would like to be considered for this pilot, please get in touch with your name, address and best contact number. All we required from any volunteers is:


  • access to your home to install the new smart thermostat 
  • use of your WiFi to link the smart thermostat (this will only use tiny amounts of electricity, data and bandwidth)
  • consent to the use the data collected by your smart thermostat 
  • feedback on the use of the smart thermostat 


We want to make sure everyone lives in a warm, healthy and affordable home.