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Repairs to your home

To help make it clear which repairs we’re responsible for and which are your responsibility, we’ve produced some new information. You can find it on our 'repairs to my home' page.

Being nice and clear on responsibilities means you can stay in control of some of the repairs to your home. It also enables us to fix the issues we’re responsible for more quickly and get them right first time.

Repairs responsibilities are also listed in your tenancy agreement or lease. So, remember to check your paperwork for the full details.


If you live in a rented home:

Some of the things you’re responsible for include cutting your grass, unblocking drains and replacing broken light bulbs. You’re also responsible for fixing things that are starting to break so they don’t get worse. And if a guest or someone in your family damages something, it’s up to you to fix it. 

Unless you cause the damage, some of the things we’ll look at and fix include your roof, broken front door locks, and electrical wiring. If something that we look after needs to be repaired, please tell us as soon as you notice it. That way we can fix it as quickly as possible.


If you’re a leaseholder or shared owner:

If you live in a shared ownership or leasehold home, you’re responsible for all repairs apart from defects and communal areas. Defects are repairs that are needed when a new home is first built. The defect period usually runs for 1 year after a home is completed, then repairs are your responsibility. Repairs to shared areas include things like the front door into a block of flats and hallways.   


Where to find out more:

Visit our 'repairs in your home' page for some helpful information about the repairs process and timings.