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Our latest customer satisfaction results

We always want to hear your feedback on what matters most to you and on the areas where you think we can make improvements. Our approach to gathering a range of customer feedback includes running both transactional and perception surveys which you can read more on here.

In our most recent customer satisfaction survey, with TLF Research, who carry out customer satisfaction surveys by telephone for a sample of our customers twice a year, most of you told us that you find our staff polite and professional and that we provide you with a home that is safe and secure. However, you also told us one of your biggest concerns is communication – when it comes to how you can communicate with us more easily and how we communicate with you.

Below you can read more about the outcomes from our latest customer satisfaction survey and the steps we’re taking to address these areas.

Addressing the time it takes for us to resolve your query

Long call wait times and emails not being responded to as quickly as you’d like are specific issues that have been raised to us.

To help improve this, we’ve recruited more customer experience advisors on varying shift patterns to cover busy periods. We’ve also been reducing our call handling times, by ensuring that advisors have accurate information easily accessible to them so they can answer your queries more quickly.

Ensuring our website is accessible

Some of you fed back that our website isn’t as user-friendly as you’d like it to be.

We’ve made sure our content adapts to different screen sizes, so it displays clearly on different devices whether you’re on a laptop, tablet or smartphone. We also use specialist software called ReciteMe on our website, to ensure everyone reading our content can access and understand it. This provides accessibility functions, such as audio files, allowing information to be listened to rather than read on screen, as well as language options so content can be translated.

We ensure content is kept as up to date as possible, especially where it relates to services, support and topics of particular interest. For example, we recently made the information about how we’re performing much more visible on our website, by moving it under the “About us” section. This includes detailed information so we’re being transparent about how we’re performing against our published service standards.

Improving communications on repairs

You told us that sometimes you’ve experienced a lack of communication around repairs being carried out.

In May 2022, we improved our text message service for repairs. We now send 3 text messages; a confirmation text at the point of booking or rescheduling an appointment, a reminder text 5 days before the appointment and another reminder the day before. Each text will give the timeslot, job number and trade for the repair. We hope you’ll see this as a benefit that will assist in reminding you when repairs in your homes are happening.

Providing more information about the service charges you pay

Some of you said you’d like more details about the service charges you pay and what they include.

We’ve reviewed the information we provide around service charges and last year we specifically completed a full review of the service charges information that’s available on our website here. You now have access to more detail around the services being delivered and, in some cases, how we calculate those charges for areas you are being charged for. We’ve also updated our Service Charge Policy which is currently going through the internal sign off process.

Monitoring our call backs to you

Some of you mentioned that at times you’ve not receive a call back from us as agreed.

To improve this, managers are monitoring call back performance on a weekly basis and are checking these are being completed within target (by the end of the next working day).

Making a difference in our neighbourhoods

Aside from communication, some of you feel that we do not contribute to your neighbourhood as much as you’d like.

We launched our charitable arm, VIVID Plus, in February 2021 which has 2 core themes; tackling community-led priorities to ensure people feel proud of where they live, and providing customers with tailored, individual tenancy sustainment support.

VIVID Plus has 7 key priority areas of focus. These are:

  • improving personal safety through crime prevention and youth support
  • health interventions to improve life chances
  • growing economic opportunities through employment and job creation
  • promoting digital inclusion
  • tackling homelessness
  • investing in neighbourhood improvements
  • reducing stigma around social housing.

You can find out more about VIVID Plus and what we’re focusing on here.

Your feedback’s important to us so we really appreciate you taking the time to share your views. If you have any questions, please get in touch. For further details on how you can provide feedback, visit our Feedback web page.

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