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Our 20/21 development performance

In 2020/21, we completed 1,010 new homes, 42% of which were built for social or affordable rent and 319 for shared ownership. It’s been a challenging year and we’re extremely proud of what’s been achieved, helping to give many more people a place to call home. It’s testament to our fantastic partnerships with local authorities, developers and contractors, as well as our strategic partnership with Homes England and strong business plan.

We’re on track to achieve our target of 17,000 homes by 2030, with more sites in the pipeline and underway - a number of which are coming forward earlier than planned. By using our £186m Homes England Strategic Partnership grant, we plan to build even more affordable homes and address the housing shortage in our areas of operation.

During 2020, we started work on a number of exciting new sites and an example of this is our Selborne Road development in Alton, which will deliver 242 homes of mixed tenure and accommodation types, including 1 and 2-bedroom flats and 2, 3 and 4-bedroom houses. Last year, we also announced our expansion into West Sussex with a number of homes already built and many in the pipeline.

As we look forward, we’re excited to see the first new homes as a result of our partnership with BoKlok UK being completed this year. BoKlok UK is the sustainable, quality, low-cost home provider, jointly owned by Skanska and IKEA. Our joint venture will deliver 300 new modular homes per year, creating sustainable communities throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and West Sussex. We’ll also see our redevelopment of the Chapel Gate site in Basingstoke reach its completion this Summer, in partnership with Barratt Homes.

Our development programme is fully funded and we have one of the largest housing association led building programmes in the country. Our forward programme comprises over 10,500 plots meaning we have access to and control of a significant amount of land in the region. We’re focused on tenure mix and we’re fully committed to providing more social rented homes and making sure we improve access to housing for all customer groups. By focusing our development geography in a tightly defined area, we operate as a key partner at a local level. This means we address local housing needs and build the right homes in the right location, where it really makes a difference to people’s lives.

We’re delighted with the progress we’ve made over the last year, but we’re determined to do even more for the year ahead. We want to continue to work with you, our partners, to bring forward further opportunities to grow the supply of affordable high-quality housing in the region and achieve our shared ambitions.