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Keep your home secure from break-ins this summer

Summer is here and as more of the lockdown restrictions are lifted, we know you’ll be looking forward to making the most of the warmer weather and heading out into the sunshine. However, over the summer months, statistics show that more break-ins are likely to happen. So it’s a good time to consider the option of home contents insurance to protect your belongings, if you’re not already covered.

Here are some tips to keep your home safe and reduce the risk of break-ins:


  • Lock all windows and doors when you leave your homeAt this time of year, you’re more likely to leave doors and windows open even if you’re popping out for a few minutes, but this leaves you vulnerable to burglars
  • Ask neighbours to check on your home if you go on holiday. If you go away, get someone you trust to check on your property regularly and pick up your mail, open and close your curtains and turn your lights on/off so it looks like you’re in
  • Know your visitors. Don’t let strangers into your home if you weren’t expecting them. Always ask for identification
  • Install an alarm. If you’ve not got an alarm installed already and can afford it, it may be worth getting one fitted. You should always activate this when leaving your home

All these tips should help to minimise your risk, but not all break-ins can be prevented. So, it’s a good idea to consider what a home contents insurance policy would cover you for, to help you make an informed decision on whether you need one. This may cover most of your belongings such as furniture, TVs, electrical items, clothing and general household goods, if a break-in was to take place in your home. You can find more information about My Home Contents insurance on the Thistle My Home website.