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Housing to help keep vulnerable people in Portsmouth safe during the pandemic

Housing association VIVID is doing all it can to help get people in Portsmouth out of temporary accommodation and into permanent homes as quickly as possible. It’s working closely with Portsmouth City Council to make these essential moves happen to ensure the council can continue to free up temporary accommodation for rough sleepers and victims of domestic abuse during the coronavirus pandemic.


VIVID’s so far provided 13 permanent tenancies and expects to provide many more.


Alex Nagle, Head of Operations at VIVID, said: “We’re keen to support the council as much as possible in helping provide accommodation for some of the most vulnerable in the city. Rough sleepers are significantly more likely to have underlying health conditions which could increase their vulnerability to COVID-19 and are often unable to follow government advice to minimise their risk of infection.


“We’re constantly reviewing the list of people waiting for housing and their requirements, and we’re getting properties ready to let as quickly as possible, material supplies permitting,  whilst following government guidance, social distancing and safety measures.”


Councillor Darren Sanders, Cabinet Member for Housing said:  “I am really pleased that VIVID along with other social housing landlords have responded to my request that they continue to work safely and where appropriate on their void properties to support the movement of households out of temporary accommodation into tenancies. Portsmouth City Council's own housing service is doing the same.”