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Keep your home cosy this winter

The weather continues to be cold and wet, so here's some top tips to keep your home cosy this winter:


  • Use your timer to turn the heating up only when you need it. Not when you’re out

  • If you can, use your controller and set the hot water and the heating to come on at times when you need them, rather than having them both on all the time

  • Set your heating timer to come on a bit earlier than normal, but at a slightly lower temperature. It costs less to heat a home that is already warm rather than heating a home from the same temperature as outside. The boiler will not have to work as hard and so will save you money. A good temperature is 18°C - 21°C.

  • Avoid drying clothes on your radiators as this cools the room and your boiler will use more gas to bring the temperature back up

  • Set your water temperature to 55°C

  • Move the sofa so it’s not blocking the heat coming from the radiator

  • Close your curtains to make the room cosy and keep out draughts. Draught excluders in front of doors are also really handy

  • Open your curtains in the day to let in the sunlight and free heat.


If there’s a problem with your heating, get in touch so we can book an appointment to fix it. 

We carry our annual gas safety checks in your home. If your appointment is due, make sure you’re in for it. These checks are legally required and important for your safety. If you’ve missed your appointment,  get in touch to rebook it as soon as possible.

Leaseholders and shared ownership owners: If you’re a leaseholder or you own your home through the shared ownership scheme, you’re responsible for your own boiler and appliances. You should use a Gas Safe registered engineer to fit, fix and service your appliances. You can find an engineer at or call 0800 408 5500.

Health tips

We’re supporting NHS England and other health and wellbeing services, who want to help you stay well this winter. So we're sharing some useful links to lots of helpful tips and advice. Find out if you're Winter ready via our advice article.