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Helping our customers back to work during the pandemic

Helping our customers back to work during the pandemic

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues, we’re working hard to provide support where you need it most. We know that it’s a worrying time and job situations are changing. We’ve seen an increase in redundancies and people finding it more difficult to find a job.

We want to help you to find a job and feel secure during this difficult time, which is why we were delighted that one of our Employment and Training officers, Juergen, was able to successfully help a couple from Farnborough find jobs.

Juergen has been working with Peter and Sandra over the course of the year. They were unemployed and anxious to get back to work. Peter noted that “things turned quite bleak” in the job-hunting process before being referred to our Employment and Training team.

Juergen was able to provide valuable advice and practical tips that would help in the job application process, as well as conducting weekly phone meetings with the couple to discuss how things were going and if they needed any further support.

In the beginning, Juergen worked with the couple to create CVs that showcased their skills in the best way possible. He was also able to offer digital training to help strengthen their online skills, and registered them both with the CV Library for further support.

Based on what Juergen had been told about their work experience and interests, he researched and sent over job opportunities for Peter and Sandra to apply for.

This eventually led to Peter being invited to an interview for a warehouse position with one of his former employers, where he was offered a part-time job that eventually progressed to full-time employment.

Sandra also interviewed for and was offered a 10-hour per week cleaning position in a sports shop. When Sandra explained that she had to travel to work via bus, Juergen was able to organise funding for a weekly bus ticket that would help with her commute to work.

Peter told us that, “Juergen really helps to put faith in yourself – he’s a really nice guy who went the extra mile.”

“If anyone can deliver good news, it’s Juergen. He’s like a crusader, on his bike in bad weather to bring fantastic, good cheer.”

If you’re having trouble finding employment or just want some extra support, we want to help you.  You can find out more information about what support we can offer in finding a new job on our employment and training page.