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Get your feet tapping at a Boogie Mites session!

Your wellbeing remains a top priority to us and we know the coronavirus pandemic has many of you feeling socially isolated, lonely and bored. So, along with HIWCF, we’ve given funding to Boogie Mites, a local charity that provides an entertainment and music group which is proven to support language and communication skills, as well as family learning.


This funding will allow for Boogie Mites’ to provide young families and our older customers with intergenerational, fun, interactive online music and singing sessions which are FREE for VIVID customers! They’re designed to get everyone’s feet tapping and their bodies moving no matter your what age, lifting everyone’s spirits and reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation during the coronavirus pandemic.


The sessions are held every Friday at 10:45am for 10 weeks and are easy to join online via the Zoom app. Join the Boogie Mites Zoom meeting.


For more information about the organisation, check out the Boogie Mites Facebook page or sign up to the Boogie Mites monthly newsletter.