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Getting started with online shopping this Get Online Week!

An amazing benefit of getting online is using online shops. You can buy anything online, from a new television to your weekly food shop. We’ve put together a little list of why we think online shopping is worth a try.


  • Online shops give you the opportunity to shop 24/7. No more waiting for the shops to open!
  • You can find better and cheaper deals by comparing prices on different websites, and many regularly offer discount codes
  • You’re not limited to what’s local
  • Sending gifts is made 100% easier! Send purchases straight to your friends and relatives and never miss an important day again. Many online shops offer gift wrapping too.
  • Its much easier to buy second-hand items at cheap prices. If you like antiques, there’s no better place to be than online!
  • No compromises on quality – you have easy access to customer reviews
  • Avoid the crowds!


However, getting carried away can be easy. It's still important to stay safe whilst shopping online. Here’s some tips for you to follow.


  • Use websites like TrustPilot to check if a website is legit
  • Check their shipping and returns information before making a purchase
  • Be aware of counterfeit goods. It's worth searching for the product to compare how much it usually retails for
  • If a website is secure it should have a padlock symbol in the address bar, and the URL should begin with ‘https://’, the ‘s’ stands for secure
  • Never make a purchase or use online banking when connected to unsecure Wi-Fi. Anyone can access your personal and financial information so it’s best to wait until you can connect to secure Wi-Fi.


So many people are already taking advantage of the convenience of online shopping. Give it a try today!