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#Try1Thing this Get Online Week!

We are happy to be supporting Getting Online Week, the UK’s biggest digital inclusion campaign. This year’s campaign will give those who have little ability online the opportunity to Try1Thing, so we’ve put together some helpful ideas that you can try to get online!


Install broadband in your home

Connecting to the internet starts with taking out a broadband contract with an internet provider. Most people tend to use the same company that provides their phone line for their internet service, or you can ask friends or relatives for recommendations. A good way to find out what broadband deals are available is to check out the price comparison sites that have been accredited by Ofcom.


If you are in receipt of certain benefits you might qualify for BT Basics + Broadband which is a low cost telephone line and broadband product. 


Use a web browser and search engines

A web browser is your way to access the internet. To visit a website, just type in the page you want to visit into the address bar. Once you get to the website's homepage, there are many links you can use to browse the website. Why not have a look at VIVID's website If you aren't sure what a website's address is, use a search engine like Google or Yahoo. Usually a browser has its own default search engine, so you can just type in key words in to the address bar and the browser will pull up its search engine to look for it.


Bookmark web pages

As you start to browse websites you’ll find a few favourites that you might like to save so you can visit them again. Web browsers refer to these favourites as ‘Bookmarks’. The symbol for Bookmarks is usually next to the address bar, and then stored in files underneath the address bar.


Create an email address

Websites such as Outlook, Gmail and Yahoo let you create unique email addresses. You’ll be asked to create a username and password. If the username you want is taken, they may offer you alternatives. After creating an email address, you can try sending a message. Type in the email of the person you’re sending it to, write a message and press send. You can also attach things like pictures or documents. To do this just click ‘Attachments’ (or the paperclip symbol) and select the file you wish to attach.


Remember that learning a new skill takes time, so don’t be disheartened if you don’t understand right away. Ask your friends and family to explain and show you how to do things. There are so many benefits to being online so give it a try today!


If you'd like to access some support to help you get online, why not sign up for some support with our digital mentor. You can find out more here