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Forward Together for Mental Health

World Mental Health Day took place on Sunday 10 October which marked the launch of the Mental Health UK and ITN Productions news programme Forward Together for Mental Health.

We were delighted to have been asked to take part in this year’s programme and as part of our involvement, we captured some footage which was included within the programme and premiered via livestream on World Mental Health Day.

Watch the programme here: Forward Together for Mental Health: #WorldMentalHealthDay premiere

Forward Together for Mental Health explores how the pandemic has advanced the mental health narrative and agenda in the workplace and wider society. It also looks at the people and projects safeguarding emotional wellbeing across the UK and the necessary support in place to help those experiencing a mental health problem.

We also produced our own short film as part of our involvement, which is a testament of the work we do at VIVID. Promoting positive mental health and helping customers improve their wellbeing and life chances is at the heart of what we do.

We recognise the prevalence of mental health in society today and this film demonstrates how we’re helping to address this and supporting our staff and customers in the workplace and in our communities. You can watch our film below.